Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Purpose of Ads

Why do company's create advertisements? People seem to believe that the purpose is to make the public aware of a service, product etc, with the presumed intention of selling that product. I'm basing on the comments I've received on this blog. That is absolutely true. However, if that was the only purpose ads would simply consist of a company's name, a product name and maybe some other info against a blank screen. As you may recall from my first post, this actually was all the first television advertisement was. So why have they evolved to what they are today?

Ehow.com has a good list of the "purposes". So other than inducing someone to purchase a product, what other intentions do the creators of ads have in mind? I don't think it is too much of a stretch to say that we live in a cynical society. Most people who see an ad are well-aware that they are trying to be influenced to buy something. Personally, this awareness alone makes me defensive when watching an ad (almost as if I actively won't buy something that I see an advertisement for). Thus, since I am not watching ads to be told what to buy, the main thing I am looking for in ads is how the ad effects the brand. As I have stated previously, negative brand association is too-often the outcome of an advertisement. Brand association is closely related to "Adding Value" on ehow's list.

With an eye to that list, what do you think the most important purpose of an ad is?

(Sorry there was no chastising of poor ads today).


  1. I agree that I'm very critical of ads; however, I think one of the "purposes" of advertising is adding value. If I want to try a quality brand, I will normally pick a brand I have heard of (from a ad), before a brand I have never heard of before.

  2. I think one reason companies make ads is to entertain. If I see an ad that is funny I will more likely mention it to a friend or post it on their facebook wall. This becomes free advertising and lowers that cynical attitude that is so come today.

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